The Day Look


Whether you’re going to work, heading to Uni or just popping to the shops, I think this look is a great, quick and easy, fresh and polished makeup look. I applied a light touch of You’re Toast all over the eyelid and blended it into the crease to give a soft natural wash of colour that’ll also help hide any red or dark veins on the eyelid. Using a finger, I then patted Vanilla Frosting into the inner corner of the eyes – this helps to brighten up the eyes and make them seem larger and more awake. I finished off with a thin application of liner to thicken up the lash line, curled my lashes to open up the eyes and then coated both my top and bottom lashes with mascara.


The Night Look


When people think eye makeup for nighttime, almost everybody thinks ‘dark smokey eye’ but it doesn’t suit everybody unfortunately! I prefer to go for a softer approach as it wont close up the eyes too much but still has some drama to it. I applied Rich List all over the eyelid and around the inner corner of my eye, bringing it half way across the bottom lash line as well. With Black Comedy, I blended it into the outer third of my eyelid and extended outwards, reapplied some more shadow and blended again to create depth to the eye, as opposed to just a dark shade sitting on my eye. I repeated this step until I was happy with how it looked. I then took a cotton bud soaked with makeup remover and from the outside corner of my eye, dragged it upwards to create a clean, crisp wing that the blending of Black Comedy had created. On the lower lash line, I blended Black Comedy in and towards the middle to meet Rich List and then applied mascara to both the top and bottom lashes and added some wispy false lashes for some extra drama to the look.


The Glitz and Glam Look


For this look, I started by applying a light wash of You’re Toast all over the eyelid and blended it into the crease. I then highlighted the inner corner of my eye with Vanilla Frosting and blended it into You’re Toast on the eyelid. I used a damp brush to pat Rich List only onto the middle section of my eyelid and then sweeped the colour along my lower lash line. With a black eyeliner, I lined my lower waterline and created a subtle wing on my upper lash line. Using Black Comedy, I patted it onto the liner I had just drawn on the upper lash line to create a deeper colour and then also softly blended it into the outer third of my lower lash line. After curling my lashes, I applied mascara again to both the upper and lower lashes and then also placed on some false lashes for a glamourous flutter.